Work less. Get more done.

I know, I know. Sometimes in this business, we have to put in marathon days and nights to meet a deadline or prepare for a pitch. Weekends included. I’ve always felt for the rest of the time, I do a pretty g.... Read more

Community Choice Credit Union Wins Again at the 2017 CUNA Marketing Awards

Community Choice Marketing Team SMZ and our Community Choice Credit Union client were awarded once again at this year’s Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing and Business Development Council’s.... Read more

Long Live Sushi.

I enjoy sushi. Part of the experience is the dip into soy sauce. Recently I read an article about Kikkoman Soy Sauce that fused that flavoring with my interest in generational family businesses. Kikkoman's ori.... Read more

It’s in the mail … box

A May 2016 article in Entrepreneur identified that large and small businesses are recommitting to direct mail as they discover that the pendulum may have swung too far in the digital-only direction. Shaun Buc.... Read more

Why does it matter which pen?

My top desk drawer is full of the usual: paper clips, change, post-it notes, keys to who knows what, a bag of jump drives filled with who knows what, and pens. Pens of all shapes, sizes, and colors. What is it.... Read more