Move Slowly and Don’t Break Anything

Many in our industry (and all things tech) toss around the phrase "Move fast and break things." And treat it like a new concept. But how new is the idea? Does it mean we've forgotten Evel Knievel? You remembe.... Read more

How did we ever live without our mobile device which we rely on for almost everything in our daily lives today? Hard to believe the iPhone was introduced 10 years ago. The digital world is an incredible lands.... Read more

Meet Mitch Loney

SMZ is happy to introduce our newest team member, Mitch Loney. Mitch joins SMZ as an account manager after four years at Doner where he worked as an account executive. He is a graduate of Albion College with a.... Read more

SMZ welcomes fall interns

Meet our two new SMZ interns, Andrew Fuller and Amanda Mosakowski. Andrew is junior at Oakland University, majoring in communications. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and involved in fundraising events .... Read more

The Eyes Have It

At a recent new business presentation, our team from SMZ introduced themselves and talked about being "extra eyes" for the client prospect. We're proud to say we did win that business, hence the eyes have it. .... Read more