March 5, 2014 smz-blog

Are you an electronic squirrel?


The late Richard Jeni did a stand-up comedy routine back in the ‘90s where he compared himself to a platypus, nature’s most confused creature. (I’d link it from YouTube but I date myself.) I’m not a platypus, but recently I realized, when it comes to electronics, that I’ve become a squirrel.

What do I mean exactly? Well I get comfort in knowing that I have years worth of songs in my iTunes collection, decades maybe. It doesn’t matter that I can’t possibly listen to B.B. King for nine straight days. What matters, is knowing the songs are there. Should I want a break from music, we have entire seasons’ worth of television programs stockpiled on the DVR.  As soon as there’s not a live sporting event on (almost never), I’ll get around to that viewing. The “Breaking Bad” episodes, that is, not the dysfunctional dress shoppers. Just in case the power goes out, I’ve got a whole stack of unread books on the nightstand with my battery-powered headlamp in the drawer. Add in the two 64-ounce jars of Jif peanut butter from Costco and I’ve shamed all squirrels. Now maybe The Wall Street Journal will quit writing about how Americans don’t save. (I read that in a paper I had squirreled away.) 

Jamie Michelson, President

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