August 15, 2014 smz-blog

A “Foodies” Feedback on Grand Hotel

Over 600 feet of GH porch[1]

My wife Mary Ann and I needed a quick getaway, so we chose Mackinac Island with a special emphasis on setting up lunch at Grand Hotel. As SMZ’s self-proclaimed resident food aficionado and culinary guru, I make it a point to search out destinations that offer more than just a meal.

Because this was a YOLO (you only live once) trip, we fully indulged in everything from valet car service at the Star Ferry Line to a carriage ride around the island (with the not-to-be-missed story about Arch Rock) prior to being dropped and welcomed at Grand Hotel’s impressive main entrance. Let’s face it: what’s not impressive about a 600-foot-long front porch?

Once inside we set about our lunch mission, being ushered into the Main Dining Room for the truly magnificent Grand Luncheon Buffet. We’re not talking Old Country Buffet here either. The spread and presentation, the wait staff and the entire atmosphere were something to behold. It was lunch done in grand style that evolved into a casual and enjoyable two hours. Did I mention our meal also tasted as good as it looked?

Top that off with time spent sitting leisurely enjoying the postcard views of the straits and Michigan’s Big Mac Bridge from Grand Hotel’s front porch in rocking chairs, and you have what my wife and I summed up as the perfect lunch.

Big Mac Bridge from GH porch[1]          Bill Muir on Grand Hotel porch[1]

Grand Hotel is truly an experience and by no means just a hotel. For us it delivered on every expectation, so much so we’ve now booked an overnight stay there in October. Then we’ll really put their storied food acumen to the test by sampling a number of their on-site and off-site restaurants. For those who appreciate a great meal experience, it’s all of what helps make America’s Summer Place a foodie paradise.

Bill Muir, EVP

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  1. Kathy Zink

    Their dinners are unbelievable; your lunch will pale in comparison. Savor every bite and every moment; it will be life changing and you will definitely look forward to your next stay.

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