May 9, 2014 smz-blog

A dog blog: fostering profitable partnerships


Recently, my husband and I agreed to foster a dog for the Detroit Animal Welfare Group, (DAWG).  Forty-eight hours later we were what are known as “foster failures.”  We had fallen in love with Stella and agreed to adopt her.  (By “we” I mean me, it took my husband a little longer.)

Stella had been a stray in Detroit.  It took DAWG two weeks to catch her in the bitter cold running scared across fields and alleys with a string embedded around her neck.  When DAWG finally caught her she melted into volunteer laps, leaning in with all 28 pounds.  She was starved for warmth, affection and kibble.

DAWG is a buttoned-up, non-profit group.  They have an agreement with a local vet and it is mandatory that that particular vet provide shots, spaying and any other treatment DAWG rescue animals need.  DAWG pays for those initial services; adopters do not. How smart of that vet to provide those services at discounted rates.  Many adopters make that vet’s office their permanent home for twice-a-year visits and other health care needs for the life of their pet.

How smart too of the groom shop that bathed Stella three times for free just to get her clean enough to be fostered.  Stella now goes there at least once a week to play in the shop’s doggie daycare and will get future grooms there too.

And how smart of PetSmart to work with DAWG as well.  PetSmart was where we were asked to go to sign Stella’s final adoption papers since they were hosting a DAWG adoption event and volunteers would be available.  After we signed the papers we conveniently stayed to shop.  I just absolutely had to buy Stella a pretty pink collar and leash.  And some food, treats, toys, a bed, a tie-out …

Business and marketing is often all about relationships, finding ways to help each other so that everyone, the furry and furless, win and profit.  What smart, charitable relationships could your business foster?

Ann McGee, SVP/General Manager


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