February 18, 2016 smz-blog

Our new website is live!


It’s been a labor of love, along with a little hair-pulling. After all, we’re not always our own best client. But it’s done. Up. Live. And (we like to think) great-looking and informative: SMZ’s new website.

Of course, it’s not our first website. But as SMZ has evolved and changed, we felt it was time to make the site easier to navigate and to promote our work and people better. Kudos to our internal team and the fine folks at Axis CrossMedia for helping us marry technology and design.

Not to brag, but we love how clean the new site is. We’ve created some space dedicated to the things we think about and inspire us. We’ve also integrated our social feeds more prominently. And we’ve got that SEO stuff working in the background. (Hear that Google!) But just like everything else we do, it, too, will have to be continually improved. Updated. Evolve.

We hope you take a look and spend some time visiting our new online home. And please, let us know. Did you find what you were looking for? Did it load properly on your computer or device? Did you have to pull out any hair? (not something I can afford much of.)

Jamie Michelson, President

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