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Seven things to keep in mind as social media changes image

This is it! We have shared the general tips of how to engage with social media as a business, and how to master writing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hope you  have enjoyed these tips and have much success because of them. But, before we end this series we want to share with you how social media is evolving. Keep these seven things in mind as you invest your time into developing your business’s social media strategy. Snapchat isn’t stopping Snapchat has really blazed the trail for in-the-moment user experiences. Snapchat’s revolution of live content has spurred on more mobile-centric app developments and has made other social platforms step up. Snapchat is even looking to develop glasses to help users experience ...

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Eight ways to engage your users on Instagram image

Instagram is all about the looks. This platform has the ability to show users who you are as a business in beautiful, simple squares. Although the picture is a huge part of being successful on Instagram, you also have to know how to build a relationship with your users to achieve viral success. Today we will talk about eight ways to engage your users on Instagram. Write several drafts first With Instagram you won’t post as frequently as Facebook and Twitter. So take your time and make sure your pictures and captions really count. Remember engagement is more important than timelines on Instagram. Front-load the important stuff With Instagram you really only have 3-4 lines before your caption cuts off. So make sure to lead ...

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Five tips to help businesses keep up with Twitter image

Twitter is built for speed and relevance. Almost more than any other social media platform, Twitter requires businesses to share with users exactly what is going on exactly when it is happening. Twitter is the platform of “now,” where businesses have to create engaging and creative tweets incredibly fast. Here are five tips to help businesses keep up with Twitter. Prepare in advance Events move fast in person but they move even faster on Twitter. Research your events before they happen, create image templates, and brainstorm copy ideas before you go. Be prepared but also be ready to tweet on the fly to stay active. Use the right hashtags Know what the official hashtags are before you tweet. This tiny execution can ...

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Seven tips to help you compose engaging Facebook posts image

Facebook played a huge role in paving the way of social media and it has stood the test of time. You can experience so many different things on Facebook from funny GIFs to serious world issues. It is one of the most important platforms for businesses to master because of its reach and variety. Here are seven tips to help you compose the most engaging Facebook posts possible. Experiment with post length Facebook allows you 63,206 characters in a single post. Please don’t use them all. Test your profile by making various posts less than 80 and less than 280. Depending on the reaction you are looking for you might use different lengths of copy. Ask questions In some cases good questions ...

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