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SMZ welcomes Breann Wasson image

Breann Wasson joins us this summer as a creative intern. She’s a Central Michigan University graduate with a BS in advertising and a minor in media design production technology (a fancy way to say she took classes in photography, videography, graphic design, and programming). Breann is a graphic designer and art director who’s been building her skills ever since she opened Photoshop at the tender age of 12 to resize an Ashton Kutcher photo. She spent two years as an advertising designer and creative services manager at CMU Life, honing her design skills and developing advertising campaigns for local businesses. In her spare time Breann likes to hang out with friends and family, play D&D and watch old sci-fi shows. Breann said, “I’m ...

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A lesson politicians can learn from marketers and rock stars image

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along.” Maroon 5 “SHE WILL BE LOVED” With divisive politics littering media channels now more than ever, compromise has become a repulsive trait in today’s polarized society. Compromise has now evolved into a sure sign of weakness rather than a pragmatic way forward.  Pronouncements of “we will never compromise” are common themes in Washington and Lansing.  And all that hard-line rhetoric happens prior to any sort of discussion or dialog on issues of importance.  This rigid, seemingly principled attitude just disguises an inability to do two things that we in marketing practice instinctively: engage and listen, core attributes for any healthy conversation and key elements in in how we ...

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Horsing around image

It’s Derby Day. Let’s make that relevant to business. I love thoroughbred horseracing. I treat the Kentucky Derby as a special holiday. Our dog-who occasionally romps the halls of SMZ-is named Derby. How is any of this relevant to our business? Or yours? Because it’s about tradition. SMZ is proudly 87 years young. On Saturday we’ll witness the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby. It’s the longest continually held sporting event in America. The rich traditions that today might be called “branding elements,” include the Garland of Roses for the winner, sipping icy mint juleps and the playing of “My Old Kentucky Home.” It takes time for elements like that to become traditions. What’s wonderful is how the Derby blends ...

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