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Does your brand have a moral compass? image

  Ever heard of a company that doesn’t want you to buy more of its products? When Patagonia’s competitors were busy promoting deep sales for Black Friday in 2014, Patagonia released their – “Don’t Buy Our Jackets” ad campaign. The ad educated consumers on the environmental impact of making a jacket and how they shouldn’t buy clothes unless they need them. Patagonia makes fair trade certified products with organic cotton and responsibly sourced merino wool. They walk the walk and talk the talk. Patagonia’s higher, moral purpose: making clothes in a sustainable way. Most of us have a moral compass that we adhere to in our daily lives. This instinct is a core part of who we are as people ...

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How SMZ has survived and thrived for 87 years image

  In a world filled with constant change, attention to timeless fundamentals has become more important than ever for an organization to stay afloat and prosper. Today SMZ celebrates our 87th anniversary, edging the agency ever closer to nine decades and that all-important century mark as one of the nation’s oldest independent advertising agencies. Jim Collins, author of the business anthem, Built to Last, argues exceptional companies that withstand the test of time aren’t accidents of a business ecosystem; they’re visionary organizations.  Ad agencies, like most service businesses, are quite often personality-based ventures built upon one dynamic creative mind who had an ability to inspire others around them toward dazzling creative achievements.  The trick is building a firm that can ...

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