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SMZers outside of SMZ … Living the creative life image

Every now and then, we like to tell you something about one of us … Not only does Lisa Sabo, VP/creative director, spend her days creating smart work for clients. She spends her time away from SMZ creating intriguing work for herself and audiences at ArtPrize, among others. So we asked her a few questions … This is your second year participating in ArtPrize. What did you submit last year? I called it Quilt of Frugality. It was a series of acrylic paintings. I started with the idea of using the paint left on my palette at the end of a painting session (frugality). Like the idea of making something unexpected out of nothing or leftovers (like a quilt). The ...

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Analytics: Tips for posting image

There’s nothing worse than writing funny, engaging social media content that falls short of its mark when you post it. Seriously, think about it. At some point, we’ve all had that “OK. This is funny. There’s no way this cannot go viral” moment, only to end up with zero likes, comments, retweets, favorites and shares. And although this can torpedo our confidence, nine times of out of 10, it’s not because we’re writing dull, dreadful content, but because we’re an hour too early or late from when our audience spends their time online. High engagement rates aren’t about 140-characters of funny content, they’re about hashtags, strategy and, most importantly — analytics. Don’t be afraid To be honest, numbers scare me. ...

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