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A few minutes with SMZ’s departing Chief Creative Officer Gary Wolfson standard

For over five and one-half years Gary Wolfson called SMZ home. He started here at a time when Detroit and the country were facing some of their most challenging times in recent history. The advertising business fared even worse. But thanks to his hard work and dedication to our clients, we persevered. We kept our most treasured accounts and added more. We did work that got the attention of our clients’ customers and our peers. Gary leaves us happy in our new home full of exciting possibilities. But I had questions and stole a few minutes of his time to squeeze out a little more wisdom on his last day in the office. So Gary, why have you decided to ...

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My Off-Work Hobby: Equestrian standard

“There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man.” —Winston S. Churchill Horseback riding is my sport, passion and therapy. I started riding at the age of five, bought my first horse when I was 10 and have owned my current horse, Apollo, for eight years. Time management and responsibility are two of the many qualities I learned at a young age from riding and working with horses. These qualities have helped me succeed in other aspects of my life such as college and work. I have competed on various levels all over the state of Michigan and on Michigan State University’s Hunt Seat Equestrian Team for four years. Working in the advertising ...

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SMZ Welcomes Michael Corbeille as New Executive Creative Director standard

Jamie Michelson, president of SMZ, announced today that Michael Corbeille is joining the agency as Executive Vice President / Executive Creative Director. Michael comes to SMZ from McCann Detroit.  Previously, he was one of the original five who opened the Goodby Silverstein & Partner’s Detroit office. He has also worked at BBDO, Leo Burnett, JWT, and CME Detroit, working on brands like McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Nintendo, and Miller Lite. “We are thrilled to have Michael as our new Executive Creative Director. His skills and passion are directly aligned with the vision we have for the agency,” said Michelson. “Michael said he moves at the speed of retail. His focus on design and strategy will help accelerate our results.” Corbeille’s work has ...

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Our Patron Saint of Recycling standard

It really is remarkable the mountains of paper, plastic and stuff that can accumulate over nearly three decades in the ad business.  For months now we’ve been purging proposals, scripts, samples, reels, cassettes; you name it, we’ve tossed it. Amidst all that tossing and dumping of paper, plastic and numerous other unknown substances, the world has been protected, no watched over by SMZ’s own guardian of green, Susan Rae Smith. Susan’s been our conscious and moral compass when it comes to all things that can be put back into useful service to humanity and earth versus cluttering up already over-crowded landfills in or around metro Detroit.  It’s people like her who make it possible for discards to become resources and one ...

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The moving game standard

Amazing how much useless stuff one company, one family or one individual can collect after nearly three decades of nesting in a location.  For the better part of three months now, SMZ has celebrated “throw away Thursdays,” shifting into full disposal mode shedding documents, print samples, ancient broadcast reels, collectibles and piles upon piles of media plans and proposals that date back to the Reagan presidency. I guess it’s human nature to somehow think that once we push it into a basement storage bin that we’re capable of finding and identifying a critical sample or essential document once its relegated to a “banker’s box” status.  These are indeed tearful times for hoarders and the paper people who now must fully ...

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SMZ is moving, moving, moving standard

SMZ is about a week away from the move to our new digs on the south side of Big Beaver. Now, we’ve been in this space some 27 years and I know some people are attached to 900 Wilshire. The convenient café in the building. The generous parking. Even me. I do love my office so close to the printer. But change is inevitable. And everyone reacts so differently (my theory: reluctance to change is directly proportional with how much stuff you’ve accumulated). So I found some tips about how to make moving easier … Give yourself time. SMZers have known we’d be moving for about a year—known the actual location for months. And though I’m not in charge of hiring ...

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“It’s not a lie if you believe it” standard

That George Costanza quote may not be the best piece of advice in itself but the thought is pretty interesting. The belief you have behind your words can make a huge difference in how it’s received. People often focus a bit too much on the words versus how they are said or delivered. A credible spokesperson conveys confidence with a relaxed one hundred percent conviction. Deer in headlights expressions and hesitation won’t cut it when you’re representing your brand. Just watch how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or U-M football coach Brady Hoke struggled to articulate their perspectives on big issues. With communications and marketing in general, if you can’t say something with confidence then it won’t really matter what you ...

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SMZ welcomes Aleena Bobich standard

Aleena is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a bachelor of arts degree in advertising. Most of her time outside of the office is spent riding horses competitively.  She has owned her Thoroughbred gelding, Apollo, for eight years now. Aleena loves watching MSU football and basketball, as well as, the Detroit Red Wings and Boston Red Sox (she did not reveal this until AFTER she was hired). Prior to SMZ, Aleena worked at Traction Partners, Inc. in Lansing, MI as an account services intern and in retail at Francesca’s.  

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SMZ hires Sam Dailey standard

We liked Sam so much during his internship that we decided to keep him!  Sam joins SMZ as an art director.  He is a recent graduate of Michigan State University, where he studied advertising. In his down time, Sam enjoys listening and playing music. He also draws, reads and loves being outdoors.

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