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Marketing with courage standard

“Clients don’t understand their success is reliant on standing out, not fitting in.”                                                                                Before it becomes overly passe’ to pay homage to Mad Men’s Don Draper one last time, I figured it was time to point out something more than his moral character flaws or Emmy award-winning writing the show consistently delivered.   The guy had some memorable and pointed marketing communications lessons, which  in almost any medium requires a degree of bravery. The only thing this quote misses is the client’s ...

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Say hello to Jeff Martin! standard

SMZ welcomes Jeff Martin to the team as a senior art director: Studied at Macomb Community College and College for Creative Studies Worked on Chevrolet for seven years Did time at Doner for eight months and released early on good behavior Lived in Toronto for a year and a half with his wife Erica Likes include: meat, going places, beer, anything up north, skiing, golf, and combining therein Plays organized kickball but not for the fame Is a dog person, unless they’re jerks

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Never stop learning – a tale of lifelong education standard

Today’s blog post comes to us from SMZ alum and Detroit advertising guru, Jim August. Jim spent over fifty years in the ad business, helping create campaigns and marketing plans for some of Michigan’s most iconic brands. SMZ was fortunate to have Jim onboard for over five years before he went on to enjoy the (semi-) retired life. Jim got an early start at SMZ while still in high school in 1952! He came back in 1999 when SMZ merged with Jim’s firm, Stone August, and stayed until 2004. Curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge continue to play an important role in Jim’s time after agency life, and to that end, he’s never stopped exercising his mind. To this day, he ...

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