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Where do you find your inspiration? standard

How can we grab hold of the reins of inspiration, and lead ourselves away from dizzying thoughts that run in circles? By taking an interest in things and collecting bits of knowledge that can later become the tools of inspiration. According to William Channer, “Sometimes, our problem is not that we are not inspired, but that we are inspired by the same things. In order for designers to push the boundaries we need to absorb new materials. But when a deadline approaches, we frantically seek inspiration in all the same places. Our outlook is narrow.” So when the pressure is on, it’s helpful to have a list of thoughts and facts to rummage through. A movie you saw might have ...

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A dog blog: fostering profitable partnerships standard

Recently, my husband and I agreed to foster a dog for the Detroit Animal Welfare Group, (DAWG).  Forty-eight hours later we were what are known as “foster failures.”  We had fallen in love with Stella and agreed to adopt her.  (By “we” I mean me, it took my husband a little longer.) Stella had been a stray in Detroit.  It took DAWG two weeks to catch her in the bitter cold running scared across fields and alleys with a string embedded around her neck.  When DAWG finally caught her she melted into volunteer laps, leaning in with all 28 pounds.  She was starved for warmth, affection and kibble. DAWG is a buttoned-up, non-profit group.  They have an agreement with a ...

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