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“The Truth Well Told.” standard

McCann’s iconic definition of great advertising could easily apply today to great content. It’s no surprise that a majority of CMOs believe the future of marketing is content. Social media has helped condition consumers into getting comfy, having conversations with companies.  As a result, many corporations now view themselves as publishers.  One dominant characteristic among the most successful of these companies is their ability to craft content. Unlike their “make the logo larger” competitors, these brands aren’t simply spewing information to the public, they’re creating compelling stories that connect and matter to us as individuals. And, when it comes to packaging great content, storytelling is all the rage.  Stories have the power to move people to action providing they’re good, ...

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Face … time (not Facebook) standard

In June of 2012, we discussed “The face value of face time.” (reference blog below) It’s a topic that never grows old. This past week, I accompanied one of our clients at the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) national conference in which we were accepting a 2014 Diamond Marketing Award for radio. Client and agency were both proud of the “Wake Up Call” radio campaign. It was a “wake up” reminder for me as well.  In today’s work environment which so often involves more keyboard time than face time with clients, this event reminded me the importance of simply spending time with a client. Technology provides us wonderful tools but it will hopefully never replace the human interaction that is ...

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Are you an electronic squirrel? standard

The late Richard Jeni did a stand-up comedy routine back in the ‘90s where he compared himself to a platypus, nature’s most confused creature. (I’d link it from YouTube but I date myself.) I’m not a platypus, but recently I realized, when it comes to electronics, that I’ve become a squirrel. What do I mean exactly? Well I get comfort in knowing that I have years worth of songs in my iTunes collection, decades maybe. It doesn’t matter that I can’t possibly listen to B.B. King for nine straight days. What matters, is knowing the songs are there. Should I want a break from music, we have entire seasons’ worth of television programs stockpiled on the DVR.  As soon as ...

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