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Partnership marketing: Simple math—two is better than one. standard

Co-marketing, strategic partnerships, marketing alliances—they’re playing active roles in our communications landscape and for good reason.  Look at the pre-hype created for the debut of Will Ferrell’s Anchor Man sequel.  Not exactly an Oscar contender or film cultural juggernaut but it certainly made everyone’s radar quickly thanks to crafty use of co-marketing.  Or the Winter Olympics, in spite of Vladimir Putin’s unfriendly and all too public LGBT policies coupled with hotel room snafu’s and terrorist threats, the four rings and a snowflake icon successfully formed brand partnerships with official jelly, soft drink, fast food, you name it.  That high-priced sponsorship halo promises to deliver the goods once again for some of the world’s biggest brands.  Partner or mutual interest marketing ...

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Baseball as business and vice-versa standard

The other day I was watching the movie Moneyball (for the third time) and got to thinking about what it might mean for our clients other than the Detroit Tigers. Because the movie did have some principles that can most definitely be applied to business and marketing: 1.) Talent certainly matters, but you don’t have to evaluate it the same way everyone else does. And if you’re still using performance appraisal documents from 1987, it might be time for a re-think. 2.) Zigging when everyone else zags not only gets a brand noticed; it equates to wins. 3.) It’s all about the team. And while it’s nice to have superstars, if an Organization ─ any organization ─ isn’t playing as ...

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The most popular apps and why they’re just that standard

Apps are a relatively new technology. Sure, we have had iPhones for a while now, but in the grand scheme of the internet, and the universe, apps that we use to live our lives have only been a survival mechanism for a few short years. And every year, another app comes along that is awe-inspiring and blows the competition out of the water. And sometimes, in the ultimate measurement of an app’s success, it earns a multi-billion-dollar bid from Facebook. While statistics and downloads can claim to prove which apps are the most popular, only real-life experience can confirm why. And that’s what this post is about. Just what makes an app so awesome? What other apps are so great ...

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