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Routines are anything but standard

Did you know Winston Churchill spent the first three hours of his day working in bed? Maya Angelou rents a hotel room to write in (but never sleeps there)? Charles Darwin took a daily walk at 7 a.m.? And every morning, Benjamin Franklin asked himself, “What good shall I do today?” and every evening, inquired “What good have I done today?” Ever since our parents desperately wanted us to sleep through the night as a baby, we’ve had routines. A way to start the day, get work done, fit in family time. Not surprisingly, routines can make a big difference to how productive and happy we are. So what’s your routine? Exercise in the morning or after work? Early riser ...

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Now that a cold snap is a polar vortex … standard

Driving home yesterday, one of the topics of conversation on the local sports station was the cold winter we are having in Metro Detroit.  For those of us who grew up here in the 70s, 80s and earlier, many are saying “this is how I remember winter.”  And it’s true.  The 1970s were the snowiest decade in the last 100 years and looking at the graphic below, you can see winters really have been getting warmer, especially when looking at extremes like total number of days below 0.  (click to enlarge image)  So now that we are having what I call a real Michigan winter, what’s the impact on us? First off, we now name snow storms, in essence, the ...

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SMZ named advertising agency of record for Grand Hotel standard

Agency continues strong year of new client relationships with win of iconic Michigan-based brand Mackinac Island’s historic Grand Hotel has awarded its advertising account to SMZ. The appointment was finalized just before the holidays in late December. As Grand Hotel’s brand partner, the agency will focus on creative strategy and integrated marketing communications. “We are excited to work with another third generation, family-owned Michigan business. We recognize the great work they do for other entertainment and luxury clients throughout the State of Michigan and feel they will be an excellent partner moving forward,” commented Dan Musser, III, Grand Hotel President. The selection of SMZ signals the next chapter in the incredibly rich 128-year history of Grand Hotel. “Grand Hotel has amazing ...

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