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Lymburner promoted to Account Manager at SMZ. standard

Troy, Mich. (July 18, 2013) — Jamie Michelson, president of SMZ (Simons Michelson Zieve Advertising Inc.), announced the promotion of Nicci Lymburner at the Troy-based agency. Lymburner was promoted to the position of Account Manager. She joined the SMZ team as a summer intern in 2009 and began her full-time career in 2010 as an Assistant Account Manager.  Over the past few years her role and workload continued to grow on both the Detroit Tigers and Taubman accounts.  Most recently she added Bagger Dave’s to her roster as well as managing Automation Alley projects.  About SMZ Simons Michelson Zieve Inc., in its 84th year, is an advertising agency entrusted to create ideas for clients that people like and that people care about. ...

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Vine & Instavideo: microvideos that are changing the world standard

In a very basic sense, Vine and Instavideo are apps that allow you to record micro-videos to share with your friends and followers. Beyond that, they are slightly different beasts. Instavideo allows you to capture up to 15 seconds, while Vine keeps it at a mere six. Instavideo allows filters (a staple of its sibling, Instagram), while Vine keeps things as is. If you want the ability to delete clips, Instavideo provides that as well, but Vine is set in stone unless you choose to rerecord. Instavideo also lets you choose the cover photo for your video post and has a feature called Cinema that reduces shakiness. Vine doesn’t have either. At a quick glance, it may seem like Instavideo is the clear ...

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Branding that captures the real thing is timeless standard

If you’d like to sell the world a whatever, take a tip from Coke: The fundamental things apply, across time and distance. The beverage brand is reintroducing itself in Myanmar, an Asian country formerly named Burma, where a six-decade import ban ended last year. That marketing hurdle turns out to be higher than for a new product, NPR correspondent Robert Smith explains in a recent report. Consumers saw Coke as an elite, costly luxury. That’s because during Western economic sanctions against Myanmar’s military dictatorship, high-priced, bootleg Coke cans from Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore were sold at hotels and swanky cafes. “The imagery they had of Coke was that it was for the extremely rich and well-to-do people,” says Shakir Moin, Coke’s ...

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SMZ welcomes more summer interns. standard

From left to right: Phillip Fattore is a recent Michigan graduate. He is a sportswriter/journalist and is interning with the copywriting team this summer. Natasha Guimond joins the creative team this summer. She is a senior at the College for Creative Studies and an aspiring Creative Director and wannabe filmmaker. Bekka Bartnick is working with the social media team. She starts her senior year this fall at State, majoring in Advertising with a concentration in management and media. Kayla Cox is an aspiring Art Director. She is a senior at Ferris State this fall.

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