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Don’t let email control your day. standard

The recent arrival of one of Randall Dean’s (The Email Sanity Expert) Timely Tips was perfect timing.  His tip on how best to use or not use “Reply All” arrived shortly after reading a long chain of Reply All emails.  The majority of replies didn’t involve me, but I took the time to sort through and determine if I needed to take action.  Mostly the responses just clogged my email and took valuable time to read. Randall provided some very simple and efficient ways to deal with the issue. His main point was to think before hitting that Reply All button.  At SMZ, we do like to think.  In fact, we like to listen first, then think, then do.  Before ...

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Marketing starts in the womb standard

Ok, maybe that’s up for debate but the impact on my own children clearly began at an early age.  The shift from spoon-fed pureed spinach to craving … no, demanding chicken nuggets at McDonalds was a quick one and it wasn’t because their parents always ate there.  Was it because their friends got to go, they saw the advertising, the Playplace, Ronald or the food itself?  It was most likely a combination of several factors, including advertising. It’s easy to write another story about the perceived impact and influence of advertising on children, especially within the alcohol and tobacco categories, so let’s look at this from a different angle. For those of us in the marketing and advertising business who ...

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