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Is Big Data driven by small nuisances? standard

Marketers today are obsessed with Big Data. We love talking about the analytic horsepower needed to crunch all of the data. But how much of the data is horse@#$%? In the past two weeks, I have received seven surveys to assess my “experience” with various brands. The issue is each survey takes LONGER to complete than my actual interaction with the brand. Example #1: I called a service that provides non-terrestrial radio (the one named after a beloved Harry Potter character) to ask a single billing question. That particular call lasted no more than two minutes. Then I received an email with the survey about my call handling. It went on for pages and I had to answer questions that ...

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Jobs thoughts from a PC guy standard

  By Steve Klein, IT manager Though I consider myself a Microsoft person at heart, my job also requires me to support a large number of iMacs, MacBook Pros and a Mac server.  On top of those you can throw in a handful of BYOD iPads and iPhones.  That means I have respect for both platforms—and need to keep up to date on both.  And that led me to dig a little deeper into the life and mind of Steve Jobs … Some time ago I read Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  I won’t add to the mound of reviews—for that you can look at the 2,300+ on Amazon.  Suffice to say I enjoyed the book.  I was already familiar ...

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