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SMZ Named Agency of Record by Michigan Credit Union League standard

The Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates (MCUL), a trade association representing credit unions statewide, has hired SMZ to further its advertising campaign to help consumers better understand the credit union difference. In selecting SMZ, David Adams, MCUL & Affiliates CEO, said, “We were particularly impressed with the depth of SMZ’s research which helped us affirm our positioning in respectful contrast to traditional banking. SMZ brings a fresh, positive, insightful approach to exploring and showcasing the benefits of belonging to a credit union.” Moving forward, MCUL and SMZ will work together to produce an annual  branding campaign that allows consumers in every corner of the state to hear, see, and interact with a unified message about the credit union difference. ...

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Don’t write off ink-and-paper publications just yet standard

– Alan Stamm, Contributing Writer Alan Stamm Communications  The life cycle of journalism played out last week as a regional magazine was born in Metro Detroit and a national print counterpart announced its death. The casualty is Newsweek, a 79 year old that will survive only in digital form after 2012. The small newcomer is Xpress, a niche-market monthly based in Birmingham, Mich. “Our business has been increasingly affected by the challenging print advertising environment,” Newsweek editor-in-chief Tina Brown explains in an Oct. 18 announcement at The Daily Beast, which merged with the magazine in 2010. “The last print edition in the United States will be our Dec. 31 issue.” Closer to our home, a scrappy publisher sees more opportunities ...

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Five ways the advertising business is like open-road driving aside

– Jamie Michelson, President One of my great pleasures is opening up my car on the open road. I’ll admit that a little “zoom-zoom” is in my DNA, even when I’m driving a minivan. On one of those great fall drives I started thinking about the parallels of driving to our business. I came up with five. Might have gotten to six if it hadn’t been for the construction zone. Directions matter. We’ve all heard the language “if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll surely end up there.” It’s true. I recognize that clients are busy, that they are drowning in content and always on some device or another. But that’s a poor excuse for little or no direction. ...

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Hold the toppings – the clash of politics and advertising standard

– John Gielow, Director of Digital Strategy Where do we draw the line?  As the country prepares to watch round number two of the presidential debates tonight, Pizza Hut’s PR stunt isn’t turning out as planned. It was a bold idea to garner national attention by offering pizza for life to anyone who asked President Obama and Mitt Romney if they preferred sausage or pepperoni on their pizza at the town hall-style debate. Pizza Hut quickly found out that social media can be your best friend and worst enemy.  Negative backlash on blogs and in the media caused them to now ask consumers to take this toppings discussion online.  That may or may not be effective as many marketers learn ...

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Dad’s life lessons standard

– Mary Bridget Gielow, VP/Account Supervisor I love a list and very often live by them – home to-do list, work project list, vacation menu choices list, Christmas list.  So, it’s not surprising that lists with little snippets of self-improvement or humor or ways to make life easier always catch my eye. I don’t think I’m alone.  In this crazy, never-sit-still-life we live, a fun, quick read is just the ticket.  In a few minutes you might learn something, ponder a new idea or laugh a bit.  And these snippets can be easily shared with friends, family or colleagues in any of our social arenas. I recently came across Josh Linkner’s “7 Lessons I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me.” ...

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