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4 secrets of ‘badge brands’ standard

— Alan Stamm, contributing writer Alan Stamm Communications  First of two parts. Gaining and retaining “badge brand” status takes precise vision, clear distinctions and sustained effort. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be so valuable. The alliterative marketing phrase describes brands with intense loyalty – “a product or name that is so powerful that people define their own identities or social groups around it,” as marketing consultant Barry Callen puts it in a 2009 e-book,Manager’s Guide to Marketing, Advertising and Publicity. Steuben, Versace, Cadillac and Gucci are among obvious examples. Ubercool brands position themselves as Something Special. But no enchanted wand confers iconic status, which is earned and reinforced in traditional ways – through proven quality, stand-apart features and effective ...

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The Marketing Metrics Maze standard

An interview with Glenda Cole: Vice President, Sponsorship and Center Marketing for Taubman Centers — Jamie Michelson, President Marketing managers increasingly need to demonstrate the ROI of their programs. Finance executives need to assess the payoffs of marketing investments. A recent McKinsey survey, presented at the Chief Marketing Officer Summit at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, found that CEOs expect marketing leaders to cut costs and increase contributions to growth. At the same time, the rise of Internet and wireless communication and the increasing importance of word of mouth and sponsorship make marketing resource allocation decisions much more complex. Both marketing and finance executives are under incredible pressure to make every dollar count. Last month our client ...

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Taking a few lessons from zombies standard

[youtube]   — Jessica Morrow, SMZ intern As a year-round, full-time student at Michigan State University, of course I look to take fun, interesting electives. So a seven-week summer online zombie class sounded right up my dark alley. I mean, how hard could it be? Watch Zombieland and beat each other with Styrofoam swords? Sounded interesting enough, so I signed up for “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes and Human Behavior” taught by Glenn Stutzky. At the beginning, I was excited to fight off zombies and save the world. However, I quickly learned the class was about much more than that. First, we were divided into “survivor groups,” each a different size and with students of different ages. My group was ...

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