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The power of a ground-breaking idea standard

– Jim Michelson, SMZ Chairman “In 1952, Wayne State University physician Forest Dodrill approached General Motors with an idea. The doctor was convinced that GM’s research engineers could construct a machine to take over the heart’s functions, opening the door for more effective surgeries. He was right. Dodrill performed the world’s first successful open heart surgery with the assistance of a mechanical heart pump that looked remarkably like a 12-cylinder engine. Today, it’s estimated that nearly 3,000 open heart operations are performed every day, improving—even saving— the lives of millions of patients worldwide.” —2011 Wayne State University Annual Report In 1977, I purchased Dr. Dodrill’s former home. Now it’s not unusual for people to move and leave things behind: a wheelbarrow ...

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Facebook needs a new option. standard

– Gary Wolfson, Chief Creative Officer A few weeks ago, I had breakfast with friends who also happen to be in the ad business. We were discussing how Facebook can be a wonderful tool to share and learn new ideas from “friends.” But because Facebook has grown so enormous in popularity (and accessibility), so too, has the useless and inane information that’s posted daily. Or hourly. Or in some cases, by the minute. To me, it seems as though it has reached a virtual critical mass—piled up like a malodorous landfill. Frankly, when you tell me that you need to replace the muffler on your Toyota, sorry … I don’t give a crap. There, I said it. And I know ...

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The Mobile Influence Factor standard

– John Gielow, Director of Digital Strategy Contrary to showrooming, which appears to be posing a challenge to big box retailer Best Buy, a new Deloitte study says smartphone shoppers could help retail sales. There is no doubt a smartphone provides an incredibly convenient tool of knowledge to the shopping consumer.  The fear at the retail level is that smartphones simply arm the consumer with the ability to find it elsewhere online after coming to the store to “try it on.” This new study goes on to say: Smartphone shoppers are 14% more likely to make a purchase in the store than non-smartphone users 48% of consumers said their phones have influenced their decision to purchase an item in-store 72% said ...

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Showrooming showdown standard

– Trish Cowan, Copy writer  Shopping around isn’t new. It’s been around way longer than the Internet and Amazon. Some purchases have always called for visiting more than one store, slamming doors, kicking tires, two-door or four, delicate cycle or heavy-duty capacity. But one of the guys you went to made the sale. And if it wasn’t his turn this time, it would be the next. But getting a hands-on look in a store only to make the buy online—showrooming—is tough on business owners. You know, the guys who pay employees, light bills and insurance, spend money to stock and time to explain, only to lose the sale—repeatedly—to a virtual rival. It’s a tough retail world out there. And it’s not ...

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