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Tech Tips from the SMZ IT Guy: Computers for College-Bound Kids standard

– Steve Klein, IT Manager  Even though summer has just begun, it’s not too early to think about a new computer for your son or daughter leaving for college in the fall.  With Apple being the must-have for most students, here are a few of the places to look to for the best deals. When buying an Apple product, you have a lot more choices than just walking into an Apple retail store.  College students (and those just accepted) and their parents as well as teachers, administrators and staff of all grade levels may be eligible for education pricing.  To see if you are, head to the Apple Store for Education at Apple has already started their back to college special ...

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Are you ready for some football? standard

– Trish Cowan, Copywriter Apparently advertisers are. It seems some 90 percent of available CBS college football TV ad spaces are already sold for the coming season. Of course, CBS has the rights to the very competitive SEC (even I know powerhouses Alabama and LSU), which helps. Along with that, according to the network’s head of sports ad sales, more than 50 percent of the 2013 Super Bowl inventory is spoken for, too. At a hefty $3.8 million per 30-second spot—IF you’re buying multiple. Even at that price, being the most watched TV broadcast for the last three years means advertisers have to plan ahead to get their time slot. Bottom line (in more ways than one), it sure speaks ...

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The face value of face time standard

– Trish Cowan, Copywriter  Skype. Email. Texts. Phone calls. There are so many ways to communicate in business today. And though those methods might feel like meetings, there’s no denying the power in a face-to-face. Nothing beats face time. See, regardless of what business you’re in, we’re all in the people business. We need to know our clients and colleagues to be successful. So there are real advantages to meeting in person. Small talk is big stuff Business conversations focus on business. But business relationships focus on getting to know each other. Sharing favorite teams, hobbies, apple pie recipes. And that happens far more naturally in person than through an email. Impressions count Face time lets you show off your ...

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Remember, you’re not married. You’re just living together. standard

– Gary Wolfson, Chief Creative Officer Consumers and brands now live together 24/7 thanks to the power of social media. Meaning brands are best to commit themselves to the rules that apply to successful and meaningful relationships. All one has to do is read the recent articles written about social media faux pas and dealing with consumer criticism to know it’s a particularly good strategy should your relationship hit a bump. So save yourself from “relationship hell” or ending up in the sequel to the new book #Fail: The 50 greatest Social Media screw-ups and how to avoid being the next one. How? Start by relating to people like a person—not a brand. 1. Fess up. We know the worst ...

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